Galip Körükçü

Galip Körükçü


        Ceramic master, known throughout the Cappadocia region is host and owner of Chez Galip- ÇEÇ Pottery. His knowledges stems from his youth as he was born and grew up in Avanos where he, as well as his 3 brothers, learned the craft from his father. Chez Galip’s pottery has been a family business for six generations.

        Educated in Nevşehir and Ankara his art has developed a unique quality. Besides his international reputation with his workshops and lectures, Galip become famous with his unique “hair museum” (Guines Book of Records) with which he gained the 6th place of peculiour museums in the world.(ABC news)

        He has done much for the preservation of the traditional style of Turkish handicrafts by participating in varius fairs both in Turkey and abroad and received deserved attention from Turkish and foreign press.

Musee de l’homme in France, Paris, boasts pieces created by Galip early in his development.

        Galip had married Dutch artist Lilian, together they have three daughters who nowadays also work in the pottery.

They both devoted themselves to the culture of ceramic art and share the knowledge with guests to their pottery by offering workshops (upon request) and arrange courses for the new generation so as to preserve this beatiful handcraft for future generation.

Galip Körükçü Saç Müzesi

Galip Körükçü Hair Museum





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