ÇEÇ Pottery, which takes its name from the nearby Çeç Tumulus, is a working ceramic atelier and is lacoted at a commanding height just outside of Avanos both old and new. Of specialinterest is the view of the Cappadocia region’s largest volcanic mountain (Erciyes) Wich is a special treat at sunset.

ÇEÇ Pottery is a massive stone carved structure and is divided into two sections;

1) Production where one can observe the creative process of ceramic art and artisans trained in the ceramic tradition of Avanos heritage..

2) Showrooms where the ÇEÇ Pottery collections, traditional, antique and contemporary are dislayed for viewing and sales. Purchased goods are packed next to the customer in a way so that they can be carried home safely, or they can be shipped with full insurance to the customers address, by paying the extra costs for the shipping. In the production and sales galleries you are accompanied by friendly and knowlegable staff which can give you explanations is many languages. Payment can be made in any way (cash, travelers cheque, credit cards, etc.)

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