Hittite Design



A colorful design with primitive depictions of deer, goats, horses, camels, birds; animals that were usefull in one way or another in the daily life of the Hittites.

Cintemani Design



Cintemani literally means Chinese point. It consists of three points. It has its roots in Buddism and symbolizes the three jewels of Buddha ( Buddha, Dharma, Sangha). It was used by the Uyghurs as a symbol of souvereignity before their conversion to Islam. Ottomans  used it as a symbol of power (out of its original context) because it resembles a panter’s skin.

Rumi Design



It first originated in Central Asia and was carried to Anatolia with the Turkish clans. Seljuks brought it to its peak. They ruled in Anatolia, which was a province of Byzantine empire at the time. Byzantine empire was dubbed as the second Rome. Their land was called Diyar-i-rum. Hence, the name Rumi, meaning belonging to or characteristic of Rum.  Its main motifs are animals, mostly birds and dragons. As the Turkish clans were nomadic they favored animals, especially birds as they are also nomadic.

Golden Design



Turake (a maker of a sultan’s seal) spiral design, which is commonly misnamed as Golden Horn design because it was first excavated during the construction of Sirkeci train station in the Golden Horn region, consists of spiral branches decorated with small rosettes of spring flowers and leaves.

Miniature Design



Ottoman miniature, commonly confused with Chinese miniatures, depict daily life scenes, celebrations, weddings, battles and hunts from the 15th and 16th centuries.

Tree of Life Design



Tree of life is an ancient universal motif that can be found in almost every culture. It represents both family and a heaven-earth-underworld interconnectedness with branches reaching up to heaven, the trunk on the earth and its roots in the earth.

When it represents the family, the trunk represents the parents, branches represent children and grandchildren and so on.  The heart in the middle represents peace and harmony.

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