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Çeç Pottery and Chez Galip

Still holding true to the influences of design stemming from the Ottoman state Avanos has built a fine reputation for ceramic production in traditional style and spirit. The traditional practice of making Turkish ceramics is applied by ÇEÇ POTTERY in this authentic Cappadocian town, perched on the banks of the Kizilirmak river. Avanos is not only rich in raw material necessary for the production of ceramics but is also a town worthy of a few days visit.

Turkish ceramic art with its colour and design characteristics, has made a huge impact throughout the ages. In Anatolian Seljuk architecture there was a clear influence in the ceramic decorative arts. The influence was clearly reflected in the town of Avanos.
Ceramics have been a traditional handicraft in Avanos probably since Hittite times, 2000-1500 BC. Today this central Anatolian town has carried this tradition into the 21 st century.

ÇEÇ POTTERY, which takes its name from the nearby Çeç Tumulus, is a working ceramic atelier and is located at a commanding height just outside of Avanos town and boasts a view of Avanos both old and new. Of special interest is the view of the Cappadocia region’s largest volcanic mountain (Erciyes) wich is a special treat at sunset.

ÇEÇ POTTERY is a massive stone carved structure and is divided into two sections
1) Production where one can observe the creative process of ceramic art and artisans trained in the ceramic tradition of Avanos heritage.
2) Showrooms where the ÇEÇ POTTERY collections, traditional, antique and contemporary are dislayed for viewing and sales.

Purchased goods are packed next to the customer in a way so that they can be carried home safely, or they can be shipped with full insurance to the customers address, by paying the extra costs for the shipping.

In the production and sales galleries you are accompanied by friendly and knowlegable staff which can give you explanations in many languages.

GALIP KORUKCU ceramic master, known throughout the Cappadocia region is host and owner of ÇEÇ Pottery. His knowledges stems from his youth as he was born and grew up in Avanos where he learned the craft from his father. ÇEÇ Pottery has always been a family business. Educated in Nevşehir and Ankara his art has developed a unique quality. Besides his international reputation with his workshops and lectures, Galip became famous with his unique “hair museum”, (Guiness book of records) and with which he gained the 6th place of peculiour museums in the world. (ABC news) He has done much for the preservation of the traditional style of Turkish handicrafts by participating in various fairs both in Turkey and abroad and received deserved attention from Turkish and foreign press. Musee de l’homme in France, Paris, boasts pieces created by Galip early in his development. Galip had married Dutch artist Lilian, together they have three children. They both devoted themselves to the culture of ceramic art and share the knowledge with guests to Cec Pottery by offering workshops (upon request) and arrange courses for the new generation so as to preserve this beautiful handicraft for future generations.