Avanos is a crafts town where for ages men have made pottery and women carpets. It is situated in the beautiful fairylike landscape of Cappadocia in Central Turkey.

Chez Galip is one of the oldest potteries where nowadays besides the traditional pottery also more contemporary work is made.

Galip & Lilian Körükçü also organise and run creative holidays/ workshops with handicrafts, dance & music, hikes & roundtrips in Cappadocia for more then 30 years.

Galip was born and grew up in Avanos and is the 5th generation potter in the same workshop as his ancestors.

Lilian is of Dutch origine, educated in art and arttherapy. Since 1979 she lives and works with Galip in Avanos.

The studio’s and Tafana guesthouse, the old restored familyhouse of Galip & Lilian in the old centre of town, are carved out of  the insolating tuffstone rock, so inside it keeps cool summer and warm in winter..

Some Workshop & hiking programs Chez Galip

We organise workshops from half a day to a week or more. Programs can be arranged according to the interest of the participants.


Pottery workshop: What you can learn during a pottery workshop:

* throwing on the kick wheel

* where to collect the clay and how to prepare it.

* finishing and decorating techniques; burnishing, cutting, reliefwork, painting (also mandala painting on plates or tiles) and how to use all the different techniques in your own way.

* firing: in a traditional Avanos woodkiln/ for glazing we use an electrical kiln

* lectures about the daily life in the region in the last 30 years & a documentery film about Avanos traditional large vessel making.

* Excursion to the traditional workshops, ceramic & tile/brick factories out of town.

Pottery workshop programs, prices 2014:

Basic program 1.

5 days including 5x lunch, the lectures and the excursions in and around Avanos, most materials, tea and coffee during the workshop. Price 375 €

The program from day to day

Every day we teach from 10 to 12.30 and from 14.00 to 16.30

Day 1- İntroduction and explanation about the workshop. Demonstration of potterymaking on the wheel and a lecture Visit of the galery and starting to learn kneeding and centering the clay. Lunch. Afternoon; continuing with learning how to kneed and center the clay.

Day 2- Starting with giving a form to the clay, learning how to throw a form called Uzluk, the little traditional pot and a basic form for more difficult pieces you would like to make later. Lunch, Afternoon; practicing

Day 3- Collecting of the clay in the mountains/old riverbeds just out of Avanos and visits to the Avanos traditional potteries. After the visit we will prepare the clay ourselves.

Day 4- Learning of some finishing and decorating techniques like burnishing, cutting, relief, painting. Afternoon; a special documentary-film of Ria wesseling, Dutch artist, about big Avanos jugs made out of 3 pieces. Time that rests is for practising

Day 5- Finishing the pieces, making a choise of which pieces you would like to keep.

Afternoon; Explanation about how woodkilns work. Finished work will not be dry enough to be fired, but participants can take their work unfired home, or have it fired and send later, by paying extra shipping costs.

Goodbye celebration with snacks, wine, tea & coffee

min.4-max 10. Participants

Basic program 2.

Mostly like program 1, but including 7 x lodging

We start the first morning with information about the workshop, and a walk through Avanos. After the lunch in the pottery an excursion in Cappadocia.

The following 5 days will be like programme 1

Price: 575 €. pp. based on double/twin rooms in Tafana guesthouse (single supplemen 15 € per day)

min.4-max 10. Participants

Program 3. Extensive workshop-hiking program.

* 8 days, including lodging*, most meals*, the workshop*, excursions & hikes*


* 7x B&B in Tafana guesthouse

* 6 x lunch, 3x dinner.

* 6 half days accompanied atelier work, lectures, most materials, tea and coffee during the workshop,

* 5 x guided excursions & hikes in Cappadocia

* all tranfers during the workshop, the excursions & hikes.

Price 675 € pp. based on twin/double room, single supplement 15 € per day.

min. 4, max. 10 participants (day to day programme on demand)

İndividual coming people can use the atelier-facilities and can get help at flexible times from one of us, including clay, coffee & tea. Price per half day pp. 25 €. Whole day including homemade lunch, 50 €.

Not: instead of working with clay on a (kick)wheel, it is also possible to do handbuilding or slabwork. Also learning to throw a plate on a mould, or painting and glazing pottery are other possibilities. We always ask people who want to come for a workshop what their interest is and according to that we prepare the workshop.

Carpet weaving workshops; dates and prices according to the interest, if whished pottery and carpet weaving can be combined. (on demand)

Other creative workshops in cooperation with others:

Workshop Sculpture in natural stone by wellknown Dutch sculptor Will Schropp, with hikes and excursions in Cappadocia, organized by www.natuurlijkreizen.nl

Starting date of the 8 days program in 2014: July 9

Oriental dance; workshops in Avanos-Cappadocia and İstanbul and roundtrip to Nemrut dağı, Şanlı-Urfa and Harran.

Every year we organise an oriental dance workshop with roundtrip, hikes and excursions in Cappdocia, South East Turkey and Istanbul. Dates and prices for 2014 not known yet. For more info contact Dunya, Ada van der Wijngaart, www.buikdans.nl or www.globaldancelab.nl



Tafana guesthouse is open from April to mid. November

Price per day per person in dubble/twin or tripple room; from 25 €. Single supplement 15 €.

Meals are not included but can be organised in the pension or with a local family on demand.

Turkish, Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese spoken.


For more information please contact Lilian at:

email: chezgalip@yahoo.com

Phone: +90 384 5114577 Fax:+90 384 5114554